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Oliver Cromwell Slept Here After the Battle of Naseby

On June 21st, 1645, Oliver Cromwell, stayed one night in Lillington, probably at the house by the church now known as Lillington Manor, as second-in-command to Sir Thomas Fairfax, commander of the parliamentary army returning to the West Country, having won a decisive victory at Naseby in Northamptonshire the week before.

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Edward Duggins Watchmaker

Edward Duggins, watchmaker and Parish clerk, lived at 96, Cubbington Road.

Fred Hands Blacksmith shod April the Fifth

Fred Hands was blacksmith to the McGregors, and shod Sydney McGregor's famous 1932 Derby winner.

John Tew Gardener, Beekeeper and Fishmonger

John Tew, a native of Northamptonshire, married a Devon woman at Offchurch, and brought up six children at 94, Cubbington Road.